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Honestly, I decided not to hire a “professional” to say all the right words, in the right way, with the right picture and the right call to action. My “birthday post” on social media says it all. Read it below and when you’re ready click the link. You deserve what you desire. So, when you’re ready for something more, something different, something better let’s have a conversation.

Miller accepts offer From #1 Neuroscience Program In England.

It’s Me. I’m Miller.  What an amazing way to end the last month in the 48th year of my life and start the first month in the 49th year of my journey. I often say that Mindset Management and Manifesting is both Scientific and Spiritual – and now, one of the most prestigious universities in all of England, in the entire world, affords me the opportunity to expand my amazing work.  Happy Birthday To Me! 

These past few years as I have been intentional about focusing on impacting individuals and their families, health and businesses, it has been incredible to see the intentional use of thoughts and words…


I welcome and am thankful for the blessing of seeing year 49 and know that the road to 50 is going to be amazing. I am excited about continuing my work as a Master Manifestor. I am ecstatic about furthering my Mindset and Manifesting work as an official Neuroscientist. I am most excited about being a BLACK WOMAN – brilliant, bold, dramatic, sparkly, loud, magical, theatrical, feminine, prophetic, elegant, mystical, demur – Peaceful, Powerful, Prosperous.

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